Icon Visions – Item Purchase.
Icon Vision’s storage/ production works in the following two ways:
1. There is a limited amount of each item, therefore when an item is “sold out” it will not be
available again.
2.”Request items” are items that you can buy on request. To do so you may write to
hello@iconvisions.net for more information about the item.

Everything acquired here on the website is sewn and produced in Denmark. Creating the item
will often begin when the item is ordered. The item will be sent between 2 days – 2 weeks
after your purchase. Icon Visions will inform the customer when purchasing the item, the
expected time the item will be sent and you will receive a following message when the item is

Most of the items available at Iconvisions.net are one-size and will fit approximately a
European size 34-38, however the items will fit differently depending on your body type. If
you have questions regarding measurements you can write to hello@iconvisions.net and we
will respond as fast as possible. On request we are able to sew a larger size with your specific

Icon Visions return policy:
You can return any purchase within 14 days after receiving your item. You can exchange the
item or get a refund.

How to return or exchange an item:
1. Write to hello@iconvisions.net if you wish to refund or exchange your item.

2. Send your item to the address: Ahornsgade 17, kld. 2200 København N. Sending the
item is at your own expense.

3. When Icon Visions receives your item your money will be refunded or the item you
wish to exchange to will be sent. When we receive your item we will ensure that
the item is not used or damaged. It is not possible to exchange or get a refund if the
item is used or damaged.

4. It can take up to 4-5 days to receive your refund depending on your credit card

5. If you wish to exchange your item you will be informed about the time, however it
will not take longer than 14 days before your item is sent.

For more questions please write to: hello@iconvisions.net